How To Download TSim+

To download the TSim+ trading simulator and live order management front end absolutely free of charge, simply fill in your name and email address where indicated and click the button - download instructions will be sent to you straight away. By asking for your email address I am able to keep you informed of updates and new features as they are added, but if you would rather not receive these messages you can unsubscribe from the update notification list at any time - details are included with your download instructions email.

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TSim+ is Spyware Free

Some users are understandably concerned that because TSim is a free product, it may contain spyware or adware. I assure you there is absolutely nothing of the sort in any of the TSim applications. Indeed, I would recommend checking your PC for such "malware" - you can run free scans using software such as PAL Spyware Remover and NoAdware.

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