What Is TSim+?

TSim+ Free Trading Simulator and Live Order Management Interface

TSim+ is a free trading simulator and live order management front end for day trading with your Interactive Brokers account (if you don't have an IB account, check out TSimLite). It uses live prices direct from the stock market or futures market of your choice, to enable you to 'paper trade' by simulating Buy and Sell orders. By offering an electronic trading interface with live prices, TSim+ provides a totally realistic day trading experience, but without risking your capital in the market. TSim+ has been written by a trader, for traders, it is not the product of a bunch of programmers desperate to sell their software. In short, it's the most cost effective way of learning to trade better!

Why Plus?

TSim+ is more than just a day trading simulator, it allows live order entry. When you are confident enough in your trading strategy and techniques to put your money into the real stock market or futures market, you can simply switch into Live mode and use the same simple and intuitive trading interface to day trade for real. By using the same front end for live and simulated trading, your paper trading sessions will become even more realistic. And there's no danger of accidentally switching to Live mode, TSim+ will always ask you to verify that's what you want to do first, and will even change colour to leave you in no doubt as to when real cash is on the line.

TSim+ Features

- Simulated stock trading & futures trading using live prices
- Live mode, trade for real from the same easy interface
- Trade the CME E-Minis, Nasdaq, NYSE, LSE, EUR, Eurex etc, all at the same time!
- Multiple positions in different symbols open at any time
- User configurable order buttons
- Optional automatic Stop and Target orders (bracket orders)
- Trailing Stops, Stop Limits, and Limit orders all supported
- Real Time Profit & Loss for all positions
- Optional audio alerts
- eSignal chart linking
- Full logging of all trades for later analysis
- Record your own notes in the trading log as you go along
- Clear simple and intuitive interface that doesn't get in the way of trading
- Fully integrated alarms to keep you out of the market when economic reports are due
- Countdown timer for timing chart bars
- Two time zone clocks
- Commission tracking
- Automatic mode for auto-trading
- NEW Return file for increased automation
- Colour coded orders grid for easy reference
- User configurable colours
- NEW Additional features and updates, see the Whats New page for details

Things You Won't Find In TSim+

- Loads of unnecessary buttons you'll never use
- Flashy features that look good in screenshots but get in the way of real life trading
- A price-tag!

For more information and screenshots, have a look at the Instructions page. Or jump straight to the Downloads page.

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